Creative Director, Rubedo Alaberti


Rubedo Alaberti, Planeswalker
“Where Ancients tread, I follow.”

The Creative Director of Flex Designs, Rubedo Alaberti, handles project design, vision, and direction, as well as the coordination of canon aspects with the Community Relations Manager. He works with the Director of Systems Implementation and User Accessibility Benji Powell to plan out and deploy new products, while he works with the Director of Quality Assurance and Website Administration Daniel Rydell to ensure that the end product is up to standard.

Rubedo Alaberti is also the primary maintainer of the Development Blog, typically writing up posts on the state of development between various projects, the Unclouded news series, and more.

Stories in Progress

  • Trial by Fire (novella)
  • Play for Keeps (one-shot)
  • Justice Planned (one-shot)
  • Heist (short story)

Projects In Progress

  • Clouded Horizons Attribute Development Utility
  • 8th Realm Restructuring
  • 3rd Realm Combat Mechanics

Authored Realms

  • 9th Realm
  • 5th Realm
  • 4th Realm
Date Posted: 13 Apr 2011 @ 22:25
Last Modified: 13 Apr 2011 @ 23:19
Posted By: Rubedo Alaberti

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