01 Aug 2010 @ 12:15 

A little project that I recently started working on was tweaking the racial abilities and traits to be a bit more uniform, and more diverse, unique. We’ve been working out a few of the basics, and we’ve come up with a few changes.

The largest change is that the Vayash Moru are now a subtype based on Hume. You might be thinking, “Well, duh” and frankly, I don’t blame you. These are the kind of intuitive changes we’re hoping to make more often, by rote. Sometimes you have to make a few mistakes before you realize just how silly things you’ve done were.

Another change we’re making is to update the Malakh/Diviner relationship. That was another point we felt we really let the ball drop, and we’re going out of our way to really bring home that flavor point.

We’re working out additional details, but I just wanted to tease you all with the knowledge that we’re not sitting idle, we’re just being quiet, working secretly, and we’re¬†certainly not busy playing Starcraft II 24/7. Now that we’ve cleared that up, back to pl-er, work. Work, yes.

"Where Ancients tread, I follow."
Rubedo Alaberti, Planeswalker
Director, Creative Team
Posted By: Rubedo Alaberti
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