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Welcome to today’s first Unclouded, our news-draft which highlights the overarching plans we have in a given month, touching base with what we’ve accomplished, what’s left on our list, and what we’d like to hear about from you, our community. We hope this will be an informative feature that allows everyone to get a strong feel for how we go about making decisions and why those decisions were made. Let’s begin, shall we?

The Crystal Path

We’re excited to announce that each day brings us nearer and nearer to completing our wiki. Some cosmetic changes and naming changes as we move content from its original, more Final Fantasy roots into a reflection of our own world and such will hinder the 100% marker, but completed content for what we have should be available as early as the end of the month. Notable finished pages include:

As we come closer to a more uniform completion, I’ll be back to let you know how things have been working out. In the meantime, keep browsing, and perhaps you’ll be able to catch us in the middle of some real-time updates.

Clouded Horizons

Work on the 8th realm and the 3rd realm has received priority, with the 8th realm being rounded out before its final ‘production-ready’ overhaul, and 3rd realm being built up. In particular, we’re excited about how 3rd realm is shaping up, with a dynamic storyline and a unique battle system with story implications. And, in the wake of events of the 8th realm, things won’t be quite what you expect.

8th Realm

The Metagame for the 8th realm has come to an end, with repercussions to the final battle that affect the other realms in a surprising way. With heroic sacrifices abound, the finale has shaped up to be everything we could have hoped for and more. On the back-end of things, abilities and classes in the 8th realm are being tweaked, poked, and prodded, especially as we’ll be unveiling a new “Essentials” series of articles focused on each of the Transcendence classes – the most prominent example being Benji Powell, whose transcendence as a Blademaster was a brutal affair, but the results were impressive. We hope to provide characters looking for paths to greater power quite a few useful choices going forward.

In addition, we’ve completed an initial draft the Race overhaul that I spoke about previously, and clarified a few points. Now, Hume, Malakh, and Daiesthai are now the only races able to Transcend, and Quincy and Vayash Moru are subtypes rather than full races. We’ll have a courtesy copy available for your viewing pleasure soon, don’t worry.

3rd Realm

As our official next realm within the Clouded Horizons project, we want to ensure that our lofty expectations are met and then some, but we’re confident that we’ll have an exciting story and an immersive combat system. Here’s a description of our system, known as the Helix.

The Helix
The Helix represents three modifiable strands of the genetic material that composes sentient species within the Third Realm. Through the Helix, members are able evolve themselves proactively, from enhancing their bone density to withstand harder blows, increase their capability to learn and reason, or to train their bodies to perform unique movements, such as powerful punches or elaborate dodges.

There are 5 levels to each strand in the Helix, and a person is rated based on the average level of strands they’ve complete, rounded down – for instance, a person whose Role strand was at level 3, whose Tactics strand was at level 2, and whose Attribute strand was at 4 would be considered a level 3.

These ‘levels’ are used to give an approximation of a character’s overall capabilities and growth, and is used to place that person in their particular society; those with a lower level are usually relegated to more mundane positions, such as manual labor or garbage collection, while those with high levels are traditionally given responsibilities commensurate to their capabilities.

When two entire strands have been completed, the character gains a character level (for instance, by completing the Role strand). Another level is gained upon completing the third strand. This is the only known way to reach level 6 and 7, respectively.

One can improve their strands in a variety of ways. Regardless of the method used, the genetic material is known as Graft Particles (shortened GP).

  • Government and private research labs have produced a form of genetic cocktail called Sigma, which uses modified stem cells distilled into a liquid form and injected into the body through a hypo, and can be purchased at a premium.
  • A character can collect genetic samples from another creature’s body, living or recently dead, providing a relatively small amount of genetic material. The result is ingested, and is known as Ash, due to its texture and taste.

We’re working hard with this realm, and we hope you’re looking forward to seeing just what tricks we’ll have up our sleeves this time. Stay tuned for more, of course.


We’re always interested in your feedback, and you can always leave suggestions for us at creative.team@flex-ltd.net. We’re especially interested in seeing how the community views our efforts here, and as such we’d like to highlight one of our growing resources, as a central hub for the extended universe canon: The Traveler’s Guide. Managed by the growing community in order to create “awesomely epic roleplay sagas, accompanied by  some witty or interesting short stories”*, it’s a growing resource for characters and stories that take place within our canon, making it their own. We actively encourage our fans to reuse, break, repair, dislocate, or even ignore our canon to form their own stories – it’s how we got started ourselves, after all.

* quote provided by Miranda Drake

In Fine

That’s today’s report, and perhaps I’ve forgotten a few things. We’ll work on that for next month, of course.  The long and short of it is, change is on the horizon, and we invite you to be active members of it. With the 8th realm coming to an end, and the 3rd realm coming to the forefront, we have a lot of new and unique ideas floating around, and hopefully we’ll be able to provide something for everyone.

"Where Ancients tread, I follow."
Rubedo Alaberti, Planeswalker
Director, Creative Team
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