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Welcome to our second Unclouded, our news-draft which highlights the overarching plans we have in a given month, touching base with what we’ve accomplished, what’s left on our list, and what we’d like to hear about from you, our community. We hope this will be an informative feature that allows everyone to get a strong feel for how we go about making decisions and why those decisions were made. You’ll be seeing this introduction a lot until I’m personally sure that everyone has it memorized. Let’s begin, shall we?

Garden Organization

In the Eighth Realm, we’re working especially hard on reorganizing and finalizing our ranking structures between Gardens. In preparation of our massive overhaul, we’ve also begun the renaming process.


Sentry Logo

The official name (pending) for the Garden Organization is now the Sentry Legion, and the Gardens are now known as Castles, short for Capture, Assault, Special Teams, Logistics, and Extraction. In addition, the names of each garden are as follows:

Balamb = SpringBlade
Trabia = WinterShield
Esthar = SummerShot

Pip Example

All names are pending final revisions, but this is the direction we felt it would be best to take in our to further refine our craft. We’re still working on other names, such as for Galbadia and Deling, but as we make progress in that arena, we’ll have a clearer picture for you. Speaking of which, you’ll also notice our updated SeeD (Sentry) emblem, as designed by Daniel Rydell.

We’re also working on updating the pips into one system as opposed to separate systems for each, both reducing overhead and (more importantly) representing the overall unity of Sentry.


Quite a bite of work on the 3rd Realm story, Halcyon, has already been done by Benji Powell. He’s been quite motivated recently and has made significant progress with the plotline, which is shaping up to be quite explosive from the start. We can’t share too many details yet, but you’ll find plenty to love about it.

Work on Dimensional Legends has stalled somewhat, but is looking to get back on track within the next couple of weeks. We’re spending a lot of extra time ensuring that we really sell the impact of just what’s happened to Ben after his internal fight with Manes, and again, we can’t spoil anything yet, but I think we’re close to really bringing this chapter in line with our expectations.

In Fine

These last few months have been a little quieter than we’d like, with personal lives intermingling with our work, but we’re committed to continuing what we’ve started here, and I believe you’ll all find that, despite the pauses, we’re still working hard, and soon the fruits of our labor shall bear fruit.

Trabia = WinterShield
Esthar/Galbadia = SummerShot

"Where Ancients tread, I follow."
Rubedo Alaberti, Planeswalker
Director, Creative Team
Posted By: Rubedo Alaberti
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  1. Miri says:

    *clap clap clap* Yay, UnClouded number 2! Things are really starting to shape up, Mr. Darius.

    Can’t wait to see what lies ahead. Keep up the good work, you guys!


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